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Version: 0.10
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Platform: html5
Language: Monkey





A couple of friends and I decided to have a mini game jam, and the idea of a sequel to Saucy Hater came up! We had a story planned out and everything; but this is as far as we got creating the actual game. It’s the base framework of a Smash TV style top down shooter; animations aren’t all completed, but you can move, shoot and kill. Which is everything that’s important!

You are advised to play the html5 version in Google Chrome, as this has the fastest support for html5 and javascript at this time.

Use W, A, S, D to move the character, and the arrow keys to fire in the direction pressed. Once the enemies are dead, refresh the page to play again!

Version History
v0.10 – 06/04/2012
– Alpha release, html5 version only

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