Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold

Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold


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Version: 1.01
Size: 114 KB
Platform: Windows


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Language: C
Size: 95 KB


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Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold is a game in an ASCII graphical style that follows the laws of a Czech Republic mechanical fruit machine circa 2007. Coded in C, it’s the first game I ever created, and is based on the fruit machines I worked with as a Games Tester in 2007.

Upon loading the game, it will take a few seconds for the reels to simulate being calibrated into position. Once this has finished, the menu to the bottom right explains which keys you can press to interact with the fruit machine.

I: Insert Credit : Simulates inserting coins into the fruit machine. credit is needed to play the game!
P: Payout : Simulates the machine paying out your credit in coins
W: Win / – : Enters a 50/50 game that enables you to easily earn MultiWin credits, which in turn allows you to access higher stakes.
M: Modify Stake : Changes stake; the higher the stake the higher the win values. The highest stakes require you to have MultiWin credits.
S: Start : Spins the fruit machine reels around once.

To play, insert credit then spin the reels! If you achieve a win on a lower stake, you can gamble to attempt to double up this win. If you achieve a win on a higher stake you gamble to increase the multiplier applied to the win. Any collected wins are moved to the MultiWin display, which can be used to select higher stakes.

The ‘backspace’ key cheats and gives you lots of credit and MultiWin credits!

Version History
v1.01 – 16/07/2011
– Upgraded project from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2005
– Fixed statistics not recording correctly
– Blanked out ‘0’ values on the top display area

v1.00 – 29/11/2007
– First version

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