Tic Tac Toe Fighter

Tic Tac Toe Fighter


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Version: 1.00
Size: 34.8 MB
Platform: Windows
Language: C++


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Street Fighter (c) Capcom Co, Ltd
Music courtesy of http://www.ocremix.org


Tic Tac Toe Fighter is a game of Tic Tac Toe (noughts and crosses) themed to Street Fighter II. You can play single player mode versus configurable levels of CPU, or play versus a friend in local 2 player mode.

Load the game, reminisce with the intro and enjoy Tic Tac Toe like you’ve never experienced before!

By default the AI should give a good game, but will not be impossible to beat. To change this, select “Change AI Level” in game, or load the ai.ini file manually. There are two settings you can change:

* CPUBasicDifficultyLevel gives the percentage chance of the AI recognising when it can either complete 3 in a row to win, or stop the other player from getting 3 in a row to win.

* CPUAdvancedDifficultyLevel gives the percentage chance of the AI playing a ‘smart’ move. That is, to attempt to either create a fork to win itself, or to block the player from creating a fork to win.

With both of these settings at 0, it should be very easy to beat the AI.
With both of these settings at 100, it will be impossible to beat the AI.

You must restart the game for any changes to the difficulty to take effect.

Version History
v1.00 – 29/06/2011
– Updated project to be in a publicly releasable state
– Fixed ai bugs
– Improved intro, having it only play once per load, and with ocremix music

v0.9 – 30/04/2010
– First release

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