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Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher has been updated to version 3.30. The latest 5.3.2-1 drivers changed the names of some of the windows, thus the old version no longer worked. The release now contains two sets of files; one set that works for the new 5.3.x drivers, and one set that works for the older 5.2.x drivers.

I’ve updated the Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher to version 3.20, as the layout of the Bamboo Control Panel has been changed for the US release of the 5.2.5-2 driver. The app will now work with this new driver but will also continue to work on the older 5.2.4-x drivers.

The second app I’ve made is the rather wordy Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher. I sometimes use a Wacom Tablet as a mouse replacement, and at work I have a 3 monitor setup. Although you can switch the monitor that your tablet is active in via a control panel, there is no way to do this on the fly. I’m amazed that Wacom haven’t added this toggle feature into the Bamboo drivers! A few people have attempted to solve this problem; I’ve based my app on George Yoyng’s effort. He used a clever method of using Windows handles to simulate the key presses required to change the active monitor in the Bamboo Control Panel. I’ve taken this approach, refined the code, and made it smarter, faster, more robust. My first experience of the benefits of open source code :)

The first app for the new website is Fireworks! This app loads a specially constructed .xml file and performs a fireworks display based on it. Producing an app that does this was actually a little programming test for potential programmer candidates where I work, but I thought I’d give it a go as well and get feedback on how I (self taught) compared with others programmers out there. It was actually a really good exercise for me: got experience with using both TinyXML and interfacing directly with DirectX. Considering it’s the first time using both of these, the result isn’t a bad effort, even if I’d go about things differently if I did it again.