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A couple of friends and I decided to have a mini game jam, and the idea of a sequel to Saucy Hater came up, cunningly named Saucy Hater 2. We had a story planned out before we ever started typing code in anger. A tail of a sauce conspiracy to take over the world. Me,…»

It’s been a while since I last posted something on here! As added pressure to make sure I made something new, I made a public announcement on Facebook that if I didn’t create a new game over the weekend, I’d eat some mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. So the challenge was on; I decided it would…»

Tic Tac Toe Fighter isn’t actually the very first game I ever made; that honour goes to an ASCII Fruit Machine by the name of Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold. Back in 2007 I was a Games Tester for a company that made old fashion mechanical fruit machines, but was interested in programming, so decided to…»

I’ve updated the Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher to version 3.20, as the layout of the Bamboo Control Panel has been changed for the US release of the 5.2.5-2 driver. The app will now work with this new driver but will also continue to work on the older 5.2.4-x drivers.

Just over a year ago now I moved from being a games tester to becoming a games developer within the company I work for, and this is the game that helped me get there! Using the company’s development libraries, I created Tic Tac Toe Fighter in around a month; a good effort for my first…»

The second app I’ve made is the rather wordy Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher. I sometimes use a Wacom Tablet as a mouse replacement, and at work I have a 3 monitor setup. Although you can switch the monitor that your tablet is active in via a control panel, there is no way to do this…»

The first app for the new website is Fireworks! This app loads a specially constructed .xml file and performs a fireworks display based on it. Producing an app that does this was actually a little programming test for potential programmer candidates where I work, but I thought I’d give it a go as well and…»

After 3 years of having the domain, and 2 years of it being inactive, once again I am bringing it to life! I moved from working as a tester to becoming a programmer a year ago now, so will become the home to any personal programs & games I make in my spare time….»