Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher

Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher


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Version: 3.30
Size: 513 KB
Platform: Windows


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Language: C++
Size: 263 KB


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This is a Wacom Bamboo tablet monitor switching utility for a multiple / dual monitor configuration. Within the Bamboo Control Panel, you can change which monitor your pen is active in, but changing this is long and unwieldly. This app makes the change instantly. By using configurable buttons on your tablet, keyboard or mouse, you can assign these to run the app to change monitors instantly.

This version is modified from Lucefer’s, which was in turn based on the original version created by George Yohng

If you are running driver version 5.3.2-1 or above, use the files in the 5.3.x folder
If you are running earlier driver versions, use files in the 5.2.x folder

Run the ‘WBMS+’ or ‘WBMS-‘ apps to change which monitor the tablet takes effect in. The + app will move your tablet to control the next monitor up according to Windows, and the – app will move your table to control the next monitor down according to Windows. On a dual monitor setup, they will both move you to the other monitor.

You may find that when using this utility, if you try to open up the Bamboo Control Panel nothing will appear. This is due to a feature of this app. That hides the Bamboo Control Panel as it switches monitors. To solve this issue, just run the ‘WBMS_ControlPanel’ app to make it appear again.

* Tested with Bamboo MTE-450, Bamboo CTL-460
* Tested only on Windows 7 64bit with Bamboo drivers installed to default path
* Tested with driver versions:
5.2.x Folder: 5.2.4-5, 5.2.4-6, 5.2.5-2
5.3.x Folder: 5.3.2-1

Version History
v3.30 – 14/04/2013
– Updated to work with new 5.3.2-1 drivers, that change the name of the control panel from Bamboo to Wacom

v3.20 – 09/07/2011
– Works with new 5.2.5-2 drivers that have a re-arranged Bamboo Control Panel

v3.10 – 15/06/2011
– Smarter loading the Bamboo Control Panel
– Better hiding of the Bamboo Control Panel windows

v3.00 – 11/06/2011
– Converted to slightly nicer C++ function based code
– Added ability to change to next or previous monitors via different .exe’s
– Runs in ‘silent’ mode with tablet control panel in the background, to make switching between monitors much quicker


  1. Eden says:

    I have Intuos 4 PTK-440 is does this work for this model as well?


    1. themoonrat says:

      I don’t think so, as the Intuos uses different drivers, and I’m pretty sure those drivers already include a way to change the active monitor :)

  2. Neutron says:

    Is there a way to change my driver to english?! i have one in spanish I have downloaded a new one but in the english page but it keeps being in spanish :( I really want to be able to change the active monitor :(

  3. Victor says:

    Hey man downloaded this and it works perfectly – and a lot faster than the previous two solutions I used with the older drivers, nice work!

  4. Larry Phillips says:

    Works great in 32bit XP / Graphire4 / driver 5.2.4-6.
    Thank you!

  5. kismet says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for… Unfortunately it isn’t working for me. Does WBMS support the Bamboo Fun?

    1. themoonrat says:

      I don’t have one to test with I’m afraid, but I think it should…. have you tried one of the driver versions listed above?

  6. I tested it today on a Bamboo Fun Pen + Touch Special Edition, and it works with the on-disc driver. However there are some limits in this software: it appears cannot use the mode switcher with a non-english operating system language, at least not my language.
    I tried with my Windows UI language setting to Danish – didnt work, because the apps couldn’t find the pen control panel.

    As I am running Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, I can switch the UI language. That I did, to English, and then the switcher began working.

    To the author of this software: If you can be bothered with it at any point, perhaps looking at multilingual support. But still, grateful for this tool as it is. Thanks a bunch moonrat :)

    1. themoonrat says:

      The reason why it doesn’t work with foreign languages is because it looks up the name of the title-bars that the pen control panel uses; different languages obviously name these title-bars differently. I’ll have a think about if there’s a way for me to know which windows are showing with a method other than via it’s title-bar name… else I’ll need some way of collecting the title-bar names for each language!

  7. Daniel says:

    You lifesaver! Brilliant little bit of code, worked a treat. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, thanks for posting this! FWIW a simpler alternative is to set your stylus’s secondary button to “Mode…” which will swap between pen and mouse mode. I only draw/paint on my primary monitor, and I tend to use my secondary monitor for web browsing, etc – so for me, this works quite well.

  9. MestR says:

    I can’t find any program named “Bamboo Control Panel” only Bamboo Preferences.

    1. themoonrat says:

      They are the same thing :)

  10. Tomasz Kirsz says:

    Works great with CTH-470 on Win764bit – great soft – thank you!!

  11. William says:

    I tried this on Win 7, dual monitor in extended mode. Wcaom Bamboo Touch.

    It doesn’t work – although the settings show it to be pointing at the right monitor, the tablet spans both.

    Any ideas how to fix this?



    1. themoonrat says:

      The tablet cannot concentrate on just one monitor in extended mode, I think. Sorry :)

  12. mr.e says:

    nice, works like a charm :)
    but it did also lead me to a new question :)
    would it also be possible to make the app switch between monitor 1, monitor 2(,etc), and dual screen? to cycle all the options. as it sometimes does come in handy….
    thx for this much already, weak of wacom to not fix this themselves..

  13. Phantasm says:

    Awesome work – agree with Mr E – an option to go “span both screens” would be massive.

    Thanks for solving such a seemingly simple problem – shame on Wacom for such a silly ploy designed to force you into buying a more expensive tablet.

  14. Hey, Great tool, Very useful!
    I have the same problems with language that pistolhamster had, my default system is in PT(br).
    That can’t be solved by add a little “configuration panel” for the app? Like “put here the name of ‘Panel Details'”. I think that is way to make the app universal. =).
    Well, howevwr i will try to make work in PT(br). If works, i back here to tell us how.
    Tks, and congratulations for the amazing app.

  15. Matt says:

    This adds so much functionality it’s nuts.

  16. todd says:

    thanks, works with graphire cte-640, much appreciated!

  17. Swaddy says:

    With 5.3.0-3 (CTH-460 Win7 64) you can choose now “Display Toggle” for an ExpressKey.
    But anyway thx for your Work!

  18. Becky says:

    Hi there! I’ve been using this for quite a while as when I come back from college I have duel screens. However, I’m not sure if something updated or what, but now it’s not working.
    “Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher Error:
    “Cannot find Window Control panel
    Note, this software is not guareneeted to work, perhaps the problem is: Wacom Bamboo drivers are installed in a non-default location (How would I change that?.) Not supported by this app (it worked before?) And it is installed in English. I tried doing the recommended ‘WBMS_ControlPanel’. Any thoughts? I’ve become rather reliant on it ;.;

  19. Mr. Hamster says:

    Tried it on Win7 with a Bamboo pen tablet. Didn’t work, all it did was make the Wacom Preferences unavailable. Fortunately that problem went away after a reboot.

    Great initiative, though! Appreciate the effort!

  20. CK says:

    My tablet is CTL-470. How can I switch the monitor?

    there is no button on my tablet. By keaboard? or Mouse?

  21. ck says:

    I got it. Using Open/Run. haha thx.

  22. Donovan says:

    Thanks so much for this. I spent the better part of the morning trying to get something like this working using AutoHotKeys – this just works.

  23. JL says:

    It works great Thank you.

  24. manav says:

    thanks a lot for the extremely useful app. hats off to you. exactly what i was looking for my bamboo tablet.

  25. Maxa says:

    THANK YOU.. it works for me. Win 7. Old Bamboo tablet! :)))

  26. lala says:

    hi, just wanna say thanks,
    I am on windows 8.1 and bamboo fun cte 650 ( white ) and it works as my drivers were 5.3.x :) very few times I feel this much lucky

  27. Rob says:

    •Works for the Bamboo Pen & Touch CTH-670
    •Running software version
    •Windows 7 (x64) running triple screen
    •I’ve bind the + file with one of the tablet keys to cycle the active screen. The first use of the day takes a few seconds but it’s instant after that!

    Thanks to whoever created this and modified it etc.

  28. Brendan says:

    You’ve made my ancient Graphire 4 suddenly a brand new tablet, thank you so much!
    I’m using this with Windows 10 x64, and every so often, seemingly at random when I switch monitors, it minimizes all my windows.
    I realize this is not an environment you tested in lol but just wanted to bring it to your attention.
    Thank you again!

  29. Ruben says:

    So even if this was posted a long time ago. I want to thank you for this little program, and for posting the source code. I had to tinker with it (dutch OS – > dutch drivers) but after all these years it still works flawlessly on win10. Thanks!

    1. themoonrat says:

      And even after all these years, looking at these comments for the first time… glad it’s still proving useful!

  30. Ryokenohki says:

    This has instantly solved a fairly massive problem for me. I thought I was going to have to buy a newer tablet to work on a multi-monitor system, but it looks like this old tablet can still work for me for a while longer. Thank you!!!

  31. dieedi says:

    Thanks a lot, sad they don’t implement it on drivers or at least that we get command line parameters like on linux :/

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