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Version: 1.02
Size: 243 KB
Platform: Windows


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Language: C++
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This is an application that takes an XML file and converts it into a display of fireworks. There are two types; fountains that spray particles up from a fixed point, and fireworks that fly up and explode.

Load the exe to start the fireworks show! There are a few different displays included; you can change this in the settings.ini by changing the ‘Filename’ option to another .xml file. There are also some other options in here which effect how many particles there are and how they will display.

Version History
v1.02 – 09/06/2011
– App has Vista+ compatible icon

v1.01 – 14/05/2011
– Added ini option to choose which .xml to load

v1.00 – 04/03/2011
– First Release

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