Feb 12

New Game: Saucy Hater

It’s been a while since I last posted something on here! As added pressure to make sure I made something new, I made a public announcement on Facebook that if I didn’t create a new game over the weekend, I’d eat some mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise.

So the challenge was on; I decided it would be programmed in a language I’ve never used before, to add to the challenge: Monkey. It’s based upon Blitz Basic, but is multi-platform, compiling to html5, xbox, iPhone, android amongst others. It was quite a challenge getting used to the limitations for the language compared to the C++ I usually use; seeing its simplicity as a weakness at first. It was also slow progress at times, as I had to create some base concepts and components from scratch, rather than being able to get on and create the game.

But the end result is here, Saucy Hater! Since it was never going to be a spectacular game, as always I added a humorous twist; mainly, my hate for sauces of all kind! It’s a 2 player collect-em-up; race to collect the 5 yummy foods, whilst avoiding the 5 yucky sauces! Enjoy!

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