Jul 11

New Game: Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold

Tic Tac Toe Fighter isn’t actually the very first game I ever made; that honour goes to an ASCII Fruit Machine by the name of Turbo Moonrat Plus Gold.

Back in 2007 I was a Games Tester for a company that made old fashion mechanical fruit machines, but was interested in programming, so decided to see if I could write a version of what I was testing myself. The company coded it’s games in C, so that’s what I used; and because the machines were mechanical there were no graphical libraries I could use, hence the decision to create it in a windows console using ASCII graphics.

It only took a couple of weeks to create; much quicker than I expected when it replicates all the legalities of a Czech Republic fruit machine at the time. I only really made a few stylistic tweaks to the source code to get it ready for public consumption; a lot of it actually held up pretty well looking at it 4 years later!

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