Jun 11

New Game: Tic Tac Toe Fighter

Just over a year ago now I moved from being a games tester to becoming a games developer within the company I work for, and this is the game that helped me get there! Using the company’s development libraries, I created Tic Tac Toe Fighter in around a month; a good effort for my first attempt at creating a game from nothing in C++!

For my first game I wanted a simple game with rules that were easy to grasp, so that whilst programming I wouldn’t be struggling with game design decisions. Tic Tac Toe fit the bill perfectly; an easy to understand game but with the scope to create intelligent AI. The Street Fighter II theme was a light bulb moment half way through development, when the core game was already completed. I knew it would just be cool to see the characters in there, to hear the OC Remix music. It gave an otherwise low key game a memorable style to impress as my first project.

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