Jun 11

New App: Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher

The second app I’ve made is the rather wordy Wacom Bamboo Monitor Switcher. I sometimes use a Wacom Tablet as a mouse replacement, and at work I have a 3 monitor setup. Although you can switch the monitor that your tablet is active in via a control panel, there is no way to do this on the fly. I’m amazed that Wacom haven’t added this toggle feature into the Bamboo drivers! A few people have attempted to solve this problem; I’ve based my app on George Yoyng’s effort. He used a clever method of using Windows handles to simulate the key presses required to change the active monitor in the Bamboo Control Panel. I’ve taken this approach, refined the code, and made it smarter, faster, more robust. My first experience of the benefits of open source code :)

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